Graduation Trip

Greece Luxury Concierge  ( GLC ) organizes exceptional high school graduation trips in Greece and college - university graduation trips in Greece. In most high schools, universities and colleges in Europe, America and Asia, the custom of the graduation journey has been established as a way of rewarding and saying goodbye to student life, the experiences gained, and the friendships, that some will fatally end up and some will continue for ever. So, you can celebrate your college successes with an unforgettable voyage.


Greece is a top international graduation trip destination. Greece is a beautiful country with landscape and scenery that is once in a lifetime experience. The memories you create will surely surpass your expectations. The hottest graduation trip destinations in Greece are Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Paros.  A perfect mix of history in Athens, beauty in Santorini, relaxation in Paros, and fun and parties in Mykonos! Hike to the top of Athens’ ancient and famous Acropolis, cruise the azure seas of the Aegean, and catch some rays at world-famous island beaches with turquoise waters. This trip is the perfect balance of relaxation, partying, and fun, an experience you’ll never forget. You couldn’t have asked for better views, fun and memories. Greece... if you haven't come... come!!!


Greece Luxury Concierge offers high level graduation trip in Athens, the cradle of Western Civilization and home to some of the greatest monuments of the ancient world. Today, Athens is a vibrant metropolis, and a perfect jumping-off point for your journey through the Greek Islands. Feel the glory of ancient Athens on a guided tour of the Acropolis, including the Parthenon.Enjoy stunning views of Athens from the top of the Acropolis. You can go to Plaka for your shopping and Gazi district for bars and partying.


Immerse in island life, Mediterranean style. In this graduation trip in Santorini you’ll enjoy endless sunshine, whitewashed buildings, volcanic beaches and an option of a full-day yacht excursion around Santorini’s famous Caldera. Check out the cliffside bars, which overlook the Caldera and are a great vantage point for sunset. Quaint villages, wine, and a breathtaking sunset—it doesn’t get more Greek than this. Make a stop at the highest point in Santorini, Profitis Elias, and then it’s on to the wine tasting. Sample a variety of local wines at a cliffside winery before hopping on the bus to the village of Oia. It's a must-see for every visitor, and you get a direct ride there to drink in the best sunset in Greece. Don't forget to snap that perfect picture for your fans


In the heart of the Cyclades Islands, with over 75 miles of golden sand beaches, Paros is one of the true delights of the Greek Islands. Enjoy a legendary Paros sunset anywhere on the western coast of the island. When the sun sets, everyone on the island heads from the beaches to the bars. Naousa is where it begins and ends..Recharge, relax and spend the days under the blue skies on one of the island’s best beaches. Try a quiet meal or drink inland at the village of Lefkes, a serene and rustic village in the hills above the beaches. Stroll Parikia’s narrow, pebble-lined streets and the Frankish Castle built from the masonry originally used on an ancient temple.


Mykonos has a reputation for dazzling seascapes, sandy beaches and the best nightlife in the Mediterranean. if you're a party person, this graduation trip in Mykonos is the ideal choice. Party starts at 4pm and ends when you decide to end it. During the day, Paradise beach is a beautiful, activity-focused hotspot. At night, the whole area becomes one big party. Super Paradise, considered one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, is also a party beach like it’s neighbor, Paradise. Board your afternoon cruise around the island. Relax on isolated beaches, swim in the crystal clear water, take in the beautiful ocean and harbor views and enjoy a traditional BBQ Greek lunch in this superb island.

It's easily-understood that Greece Luxury Concierge is able to offer tailor made options, regarding the total number of students, the preferred destinations and the number of days you want to travel. The group of interested students may be small team of two people or more, until the entire graduation class, a number that exceeds three hundred people. The selected destinations may be only one or all four mentioned above, while the duration of the graduation trip in Greece may vary from three days to the time you wish, without any time limitation. Upon your request, our specialists will solve any questions that may arise, and after having thoroughly informed the needs and requirements, they will present a completely specialized package of services that will cover every special need of the group and will leave it fully satisfied.