Bespoke travel services

Greece Luxury Concierge (GLC) can organize all of your travel plans and personal demands either in the Greek mainland or the beautiful serene greek islands. Our specialists will provide a uniquely personal approach to discussing, creating and arranging your programming travel and we 'll arrange a specialized schedule during your stay in Greece.
Our luxury bespoke travel services are famous worldwide and our staff can offer tailor-made services which include ground luxury VIP transfers, luxury hotel booking, resorts or private villa booking, restaurant reservations, luxury cruises, event planning, accommodation and many more remarkable moments. For those who look for unique and authentic experiences.

Wedding Car Greece

Greece luxury concierge has a great variety of luxury cars, suitable for weddings, all around Greece and the astonishing Greek islands. For this exceptional event, our company can provide private chauffeur services. Here are the main wedding destinations in Greece :

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Event Planning Services

Greece Luxury Concierge can organize a collection of event planning services. Our team specializes in designing spectacular events for weddings, wedding proposals, private luxury parties, private celebration events, tailor-made events, promotional companies events. 
Greece Luxury Concierge can handle events locating the ideal venue for you and your guests. No matter where the project is located (Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Rhodes, etc.) our company can create an unforgettable event.
GLC guarantees its clients high-quality services with pre-event organization for any event so that you feel stress-free for your project. So send us your request with all of your needs and we are committed to creating an event that will leave your guests-clients breathless.

Wedding In Greece

Weddings in Greece allow you to discover far more than historic monuments and marbles. Greece is having a unique Mediterranean climate and some of the most idyllic islands worldwide. The question is where and how to get married in Greece?
You can choose to have your wedding in Santorini in a luxury hotel with a stunning view of the caldera or at a church inside the forest of the mountains in Mainland Greece. Civil weddings in Greece are also very popular.
The hottest places to get married except Santorini are Mykonos, Rhodes, Sifnos, and Paros.
Our company promises ideas for excellent weddings in Greece or wedding proposals in Greece in magnificent destinations for that really special day for you.

Honeymoon in Greece

Greece Luxury Concierge (GLC) is specialized in organizing the perfect honeymoon in Greece for you. Greece has the privilege to be considered as one of the hottest honeymoon destinations worldwide, due to the variety of choices it offers. How can you resist the world's unique romantic beauty of Santorini or the dreaming beaches of Mykonos? Do you prefer a combination of romance, relax and nightlife? In our opinion, the most suitable places are :
Honeymoon in Athens
Honeymoon in Santorini
Honeymoon in Mykonos
Honeymoon in Rhodes
Honeymoon in Paros
Honeymoon in Sifnos
Honeymoon in Corfu

Spa Hotels In Greece

Our lifestyle managers can provide incredible health and spa services especially for you. We work with the best professionals in Greece and the best spa hotels so that you can have the perfect solution for your health issues.
Here is our list of Spa Hotels in Greece and the Greek Islands :
Spa Hotels in Greece
Spa Hotels in Athens
Spa Hotels in Mykonos
Spa Hotels in Santorini
Spa Hotels in Paros
Spa Hotels in Rhodes
Spa Hotels in Crete

Security Services

Greece Luxury Concierge (GLC) can offer professional, high-level security services during your holidays, anywhere in the greek territory, the Balkans or the Mediterranean. Our high qualified security staff will guarantee you discreet and reliable services.
From your arrival, if requested, GLC provides you with Body Guarding Services, Villa or Hotel Guarding, Luxury VIP Transfer Security Services, Security of Jewelry or Money Storage, Event Security or any other kind of security which can be requested.

Graduation Trip

Greece Luxury Concierge  ( GLC ) organizes exceptional high school graduation trips in Greece and college - university graduation trips in Greece. In most high schools, universities and colleges in Europe, America and Asia, the custom of the graduation journey has been established as a way of rewarding and saying goodbye to student life, the experiences gained, and the friendships, that some will fatally end up and some will continue for ever. So, you can celebrate your college successes with an unforgettable voyage.

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Greece VIP Transfers

Vip Athens Transfers: We offer our customers high-quality services from the first moment of their arrival at the airport of Athens or the port of Piraeus. Your private driver will be waiting right up to the moment of your departure. We can offer luxury cars, prestige supercars, Limousines or Vans, Buses and Jeeps specially tailored for your needs.
Vip Greece Transfers: We serve Airport companies, Tourist agencies, Shipping companies, Hotels, and Vip individually, with safety in any destination in Greece and the unique Greek Islands.
Chauffer in Athens: We offer private driver services from a wide selection of luxury cars including Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, etc. Your  VIP driver can be arranged for only one transfer or for all the time you spend in Greece.